The Random News

It's been a rather interesting week in Furcadia. Summing up all the wackiness, here's another edition of the Random News!

Top Story: Pixie Dust For Sale!

Furcadia has been updated again, and there was of course the usual "WAAAA!!! NOT ANOTHER UPDATE!!! WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LEAVE IT ALONE??!!" from the old-fashioned furres who have been on Furcadia so long that they remember the days that when you logged on, you started in the Vinca.

But the initial shock finally subsided, as it always does, and when Felorin finally stopped clapping, furres were able to finally start enjoying the new features of the update. Probably one of the biggest news items about the update is the now publicly available dragon characters. Randomism wandered Furcadia to see how furres were reacting to the new dragons.

Shadow Kestrel: These dragons look weird! Who drew them?
Merle: Why, you did, Kes. ^_^
Shadow Kestrel: Oh yeah! Well, in that case...
Shadow Kestrel: These gryphons look weird! Who drew them?
Merle: Hey!

Furre: YAY! I can't be a dragon now!
Felorin: Yep! Just give me $50.
Furre: Ew, no! Forget you!
Klass: Way to go, Furre, you make me proud. _

Nikodemus: I'm a dragon! Ph33r me!
Goldwillow: Big deal, Nikodemus. We're all dragons.
Glenn Raven: Yeah, go do Owsla stuff or something!
Nikodemus boots Glenn Raven

Perfect Neutral: I ordered my dragon two days ago and it hasn't come in yet!
sanctimonious: We had to make a five day waiting period to do a background check. We didn't want twinks to be having dragon breath. _
Perfect Neutral: Then why does Nikodemus have it?
sanctimonious: Good question

Want to join in on the fun? Go to the Digo Market for more details. The one on the web, not the one in Meovanni. That one only has junk.

Overlord Overload

We all hope this is the last report about the Overlord election, but it probably isn't. Whoever came up with this thing should have their computer destroyed. (Psst! It was Krum!)

The votes of Gotin territory have been disqualified and the new numbers show that Felorin is the winner of the Overlord election.

Emerald Flame, Secretary of State of the Gotin Territory, said this.

Emerald Flame: We are only doing what we believe is right for the furres_
Emerald Flame: I assure you that we am not at all biased in this decision_
Felorin: Well said, Emmie dear. :X)
Emerald Flame nuzzles Felorin_

Entropy Serpent, of course, does not concede. After hearing the news, he delivered the following statement.

I can't believe they don't want to count every single vote. It is not fair to the furres. This is the kind of things I talked about in my speeches. The current powers in Furcadia do not care about the common furres. They only care about themself. I care about the feelings of every furre. Unless I don't like you or you do something to piss me off. Then I will make you pay for your opinions. But as long as I like your opinions, I will listen to you. The cat we all know and the hypocrite doesn't care about anybody's opinions. They only want to make Furcadia better for themself.

All I have to say to the voting committee, is to count every vote. Count every @%#$ing vote. That's all I say.

Thank you.

~Entropy Serpent~

The Soup Dish guys also covered this story, but were too embarrassed to post it. Luckily, a Randomism reporter reported the Soup Dish reporter reporting the story.

In Water City...
Soup Dish Reporter: Hello MR. kiwi! What did you think?
Soup Dish Reporter: I know it
Soup Dish Reporter: Back to you DAn

Ring Around the Holly

In Circle news, Hollyberry was ringed as a member of the Circle. After the ceremony, Randomism talked with some of the furres there.

Randomism: How does it feel to be ringed, Hollyberry?
Hollyberry: This is the best day of my life. Unlike Krum, I can truthfully put "wears the ring of the Circle" in my desc.
Hollyberry: It's a great honour.
Randomism: Congratulations!
Hollyberry: Thank you!
Randomism: What a freak... Hey, there's Lady Darkie! Do you have anything to say?
Lady Darkie: No, I don't want to be on Randomism, thank you very much. I'm popular enough as it is.
Lady Darkie runs away.
Randomism: Hmm... Do you have any comments, Presentiment?
Presentiment says something R-rated.
Presentiment: And that's about all I have to say about that! By the way, I'm cool!
Randomism: Yes, I see. Well, thank you very much.
Randomism: Well, that's about all the comments we're going to get down here. Later!
Magic Cat: Ok, it took me forever to find this place. Did I miss anything?
Randomism: No, no you didn't. _

Hollyberry was also ringed by NightShade III later on, in the TWH meeting. Here's a clip.

Hollyberry: I pledge allegience, to the Circle...
Hollyberry: er.. I mean TW-
NightShade III: Why you little...
NightShade III rings Hollyberry's neck.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Circle, the go to their website. We think it's circle dot something dot um.. net.


You should get ringed within two or three years after you sign up.