OK Festival!

Senate Meeting in Water City

Klass: So, what can we do to make Water City fun agian?
Valkaria: How about we hold a festival? It worked for Sanctuary.
Youlanda: Ha. That only drew so many furres because Talz took her pets there.
Shorah: Her pets?
Xerox: Her pets?
Youlanda: Yea. You know, Felorin and Shadowborn.
Shorah: Oh, you mean her pests.
Youlanda: Hehehe. Felorin was sexy in his sweatpants. If only Shadowborn would have worn some clothes... ew...
Valkaria: Aw! I'm eating here!
Klass: OK!! We ahve to start tlaking about Water City again or someone will be EJECTED!
Shorah: Well sah-REE
Klass ejects Shorah.
Klass: Ok, so where were we? _
Valkaria: Festival
Xerox: Festival
Klass: Oh yeah, ok...
Youlanda: First we would need a name.
Klass: How about... The Rameen?
Youlanda: Nah
Xerox: Nah
Youlanda: Let's make it somewhat original. We don't want to be a Haven Guild.
Klass: Hmm...
Klass: Oktoberfest?
Klass: That's original. I spelled October different, and I shortened Festival, and mixed them together. No one ever thought about *that* before.
Valkaria: Good work, Klass.
Xerox: Good work, Klass.
Klass: Now we have to get it announced.
Klass: Felorin won't put an announcement on the opening screen for me, just because I ejected him a couple times. What a baby.
Youlanda: It's not like anyone ever reads it anyway.
Klass: Yeah, but I wish there was a way I could hack into the server and put something on there.
Entropy Serpent appears.
Entropy Serpent: Greetings, evil mother&#$%ing MFs.
Klass: Wow! How did you appear right here?
Entropy Serpent: A magician never reveals his tricks_
Klass: bah!
Xerox: bah!
Entropy Serpent: You down with Entropy? http://www.mchawking.com/songs/Entropy.mp3 &#^$F8 NOW!
Youlanda: Hahaha.
Entropy Serpent: Did I hear someone needs a hack to the Furcadia server?
Klass: It would be helpful, yes.
Entropy Serpent: Then you come to the right place. I am the greatest hacker to ever been at Furcadia _
Youlanda: Uh... you came here. o.O
Entropy Serpent: whatever
Klass: Could you make the Furcadia opening screen say "Water City is the greatest guild to ever exist. Come one, come all to the Oktoberfest. A completely new and original idea from a completely original guild, Water City!"
Entropy Serpent: Maybe I can put some of that. Everyone knows UFO is the best guild because it's run by me, the best furre ever
Valkaria: Yeah, you're the best at something...
Klass: Ok... thanks.
Entropy Serpent: &%$#ing later!
Klass: Hey guys, isn't that cool how I hacked the server and put a message about Water City on the opening screen? _
Valkaria nods.
Youlanda: Great job, Klass!
Xerox: Great job, Klass!

Meanwhile... On the GooblePlex (the Furcadia programmers' personal remote server)

sanctimonious: should I take off that message and destroy lord Klass, lord Felorin?
Felorin: No, no... This could be good. Leave it. ;X)
sanctimonious: What do you have on mind?
Felorin: Just grab your dragon suit. We have a party to "crash" in a few days.
sanctimonious chuckles_