Pick Me Up

We at Randomism certainly take notice that Furcadia can be a wonderful place to meet people who might become the one you end up spending your life with with. We think this is a great thing. However, perhaps one of the most difficult things is taking the first step, introducing yourself. This must be done carefully, as first impressions are very important.

If you don't feel comfortable with making the first move, one good way to get furres to be interested in you and talk to you is to put [Single and NOT looking] in your description. Many furres will flock to you when they see this. However, if you would like to be the initiator, we provide a list of useful pick-up lines for you to use as you wish.

You see, the "pick-up line" actually began with dragons. When a dragon likes a furre, they will literally pick that furre up by the tail and nibble gently at their ear. It is the dragon's way of saying something to the effect of "Hey, you're kinda cute. Wanna be my mate or something?" Incidentally, the dragons also coined the phrase "to have a crush on someone" but we won't go into the gory details of how that came to be.

So anyway, here's that list we promised you. We hope it can be of some use, and we wish you all good luck in your love lives.

Would you care to spar at the Colosseum?

I can't find a pillow. May I use you instead?

Do you need a slave?

Hey, I like the way your wings match your stripes.

r u hornie???

I heard it was snowing in NevrrWintrr. Wanna go check it out?

I'll show you my dream if you show me yours.

How did you get your fur so shiny?

I like yiffing.

Do you know where Furrabian Nights is?

When it said to press Ctrl-T to make my dream appear, I pressed it expecting to see you.

Is it laggy in here, or am I just so stunned by your beauty that I can't move?