Turn Port! No! Your Other Port!!

What's that? You can't upload or enter dreams? What do you mean? That's crazy talk. You must be crazy. Why wouldn't you be able to go in dreams? Afterall, it was an update, not a downdate... right...?

Strangely enough, a large percentage of furres have this very problem. "What's the deal?" "How come that guy can go in dreams but I can't?" "Am I just stupid?" No.. you're not stupid. But someone obviously needs to find a clue.

Luckily, we at least found out what the problem is from the secret logs we gathered throughout the update testing. This is the log that contains the incriminating evidence.

sanctimonious: ok, lord Felorin. I'm ready to update the client to connecting for dream up/download. What port may I use for this?
Felorin: Doesn't matter to me. Just pick one that is easy to remember, like 12345 or something.
sanctimonious: that one sounds good.
Nikodemus: wait!!
sanctimonious: hrm?
Felorin: What?
Nikodemus: u can't use that port!
Felorin: Why not?
Nikodemus: that port is used for NetBus connections. Many ISPs and firewalls block that port.
sanctimonious: What is Netbus, lord Nikodemus?
Nikodemus: hacker tool
sanctimonious: never heard of it_
Felorin: Actually...
Felorin boots Nikodemus.
sanctimonious: that was close m'lord.
Felorin: Yes, it was, a little too close.
sanctimonious: did he know he were booted?
Felorin: No, I sent him a virus that makes him think his ISP is being screwy.
sanctimonious: ah, good_
Felorin: I can't trust the knowledge to him. He doesn't need to know that we used that port on purpose to get everyone to disable their firewalls and leave themselves open to our evil plans! Mua ha ha ha! >:X)
sanctimonious: You are the true genius, m'lord. :)