Sneak Preview: Furcadia Update

The next update to Furcadia will be here sooner than you think. What do we have to look forward to? Hey, what do we not have to look forward to? This latest update is so jam-packed full of furry goodies and gadgets, you won't believe it was brought to you by Dragon's Eye. Randomism recently got an unauthorized sneak peak at the features of the newest update, and we took it upon ourselves to bring you all the juicy details.

You will begin to notice new features as soon as you log on. The producers of Furcadia decided that since they will probably never support an inventory, they should use the space below the portrait area for something useful. Beginning with this next update, that space is now the advertisement box, flashing ads at you 24/7, such as Join Philantha's Webring NOW!!.

There are also updates to the typing fonts. Up until now, we've only had one special "furry face" character to use, the smily face that replaces the underscore (_). The update supports many more of these neat little things. Here's a quick rundown:

_ = smiley face
~ = face sticking out tongue
} = winking face
H = angry face
7 = sad face

Also, the brackets now are not only blue, but they flash brightly, so you will never miss another description tag. And there are more colors.

@ ) & * ? = red
; ^ \ N p = purple
% X Q 9 $ = green

And the K and 2 are transparent.

You will notice another upgrade when you start walking around. Remember when the current version was released, and everyone complained about the walking? Well, Dragon's Eye has admitted the flaw and they are changing it to what it should have been in the first place. Now, each time you press a movement key, your avatar will move across 7 tiles in the direction you pressed. If this is too slow for you, you can use F11 to toggle it to 14 tiles. You can now get to where you are going in a fraction of the time, plus you save the wear and tear on your keyboard.

Speaking of walking, some dragons will be able to do a new walk. If you buy a dragon, and pay an extra $20, you get the freedom of walking over unwalkable tiles and over walls.

There are many new commands to play with in this update.

If you press Ctrl-B, you will send a loud annoying BEEP to everyone on the map, whether or not they have sounds on. Also, you can send a BEEP to any specific furre by typing `beep name.

If you want a furre to come to you, simply type `grab name. The furre will instantly be brought to you, no questions asked.

Emoting has become easier than ever. Now you can not only emote using : or ; but you can also use ' " [ { p P l L . > / or ? just in case you miss the ; key when you are typing out actions really fast. This way, you can get your NevrrWintrr RPing done much quicker, so that you leave plenty of time for Chaos Serpent to crash the server in peace. You might think that since the / can be used for an emote, it will interfere with whispers. Well, you will be suprised to know that sanctimonious has integrated a revolutionary new type of artificial intelligence into the client that will be able to determine whether you intended an emote or a whisper. It's really neat.

And speaking of whispers, the new update will also support what are currently known as "reverse whispers". It is used just like a normal whisper, except that you replace the / with the \. This will cause the target furre to whisper the message you specified to you. i.e. if your name is Roon and you type \skirmish Hey, you're cute! then Skirmish will see [ You whisper "Hey, you're cute!" to Roon. ] and you will see [ Skirmish whispers, "Hey, you're cute!" to you. ]

Another new command you can use in your dream is ejecttext text. With this command, you can add certain text to a list of strings that, when said by anyone in the dream, they will be immediately ejected. Also, anyone who is shared with the dream may type randomeject to eject a random furre from the dream.

There seemed to be many, many more cool things that have been added for the update, but this was all we saw before sanctimonious saw us, turned into a dragon, and chased us out while blowing pixie dust and yelling something in gibberish.

So, look forward to the next update to Furcadia. It will be released, whenever it is released.