Get More for your Proxy

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Ladies and Gentlefurres, fret no longer! This is what you've been waiting for, what you've been missing your entire Furcadian lives. Introducing MoreProxy, the proxy of proxies!

MoreProxy runs on several servers located throughout the world. The client you download will connect to Furcadia through the server that is closest to you. Each of our servers is a monster, 60MHz 80386 running Windows 3.1 with a 9600bps modem, MUCH better than the Furcadia server itself! And along with this increased speed, you get all the following features, and MORE!! (hence the name)

Friends and Enemies Lists

Keep lists of your friends and your enemies! You can also keep greetings for each list, which will be whispered to each furre on the list as soon as you log on. No need to do this manually anymore. As soon as you log on, you'll automatically whisper "Hey you! What's up?" to your friends and "Hey jerk! Go to effing hell, you bitch-ass!!" to your enemies. These are the default messages, but you can make them whatever you like, they are completely customizable!

Online Insurance

Never worry about getting that message that you've been disconnected due to inactivity again. We want you to be able to go to your AFK business with the peace of mind of knowing that when you return, you will still be connected to Furcadia. When you press the AFK button, your character with say "AFK", shout "AFK", then whisper "AFK" to each person on the current map, and anyone on your Friends and Enemies lists. After that, your character will proceed to making constant random movements, turns, and lying down once in a while. During this time, your character will also say things from a list of sayings at a rate of once every two seconds. This list can be customized to your liking. You can be assured that you will never go idle with MoreProxy.

Note: Parts of this feature were originally designed by Stoinker, then stolen by us. Stoinker had no part in the stealing, and therefore gets no credit for this feature.

Dream Stealing

Other proxies have offered this wonderful feature, but since the Furcadia update, they have failed miserably. Our dream stealing feature not only works as good as ever, but it also has added features. Not only will it save any dream you enter, but it will automatically upload the dream in all the spots around its original position under your name, then set the entry text to say that the dream is copyright you, and that any copies are false, and the furres responsible for them may be faced with permanent banning from Furcadia. With MoreProxy, you'll never have to use that crappy DreamEd ever again!

Harassment Protection

Have you ever been harassed on Furcadia? Maybe someone has logged on a character that makes an obscene reference to your name, such as "<your name> is horny and likes to yiff trees" or "<your name> has a thing for mustie-bots with three eyes" or "<your name> is an ass anyway and deserves this". If this has happened to you, worry no longer, because MoreProxy contains protection for this type of harassment. It will detect immediately when a character making fun of your name is online, and will proceed to begin logging on random characters to whisper-spam the offender to death. The jackass will lag out, and perhaps experience a computer crash before they have time to type "ignore [". Even if they are already ignoring whispers, the internal data traffic will be enough to suffocate them. For other types of harassers, MoreProxy also has added ability to retrieve the IP of the harasser, so that it may send certain files to their computer to make certain things melt. The process by which it obtains this IP is a complicated one. Basically, it will log on several characters which will continuously pester Felorin and Shadowborn until one of them gets fed up and spills the IP. Enjoy the peace of an unpopular, unknown furre with MoreProxy!

Owsla Tracker

No longer will you wonder which Owsla are on. MoreProxy keeps you updated as to which Owsla are online at all times. Simply press Ctrl-O on your Furcadia client, and it will give you the list of online Owsla. You might think this would interfere with the music on/off command, but since when has the music worked? The proxy keeps its list updated by logging on an auxilliary character with a random name to whisper each Owsla every three seconds. And instead of whispering ".", which has been known to be faulty (especially when used with the Owsla, go figure), it whispers "Hey there, don't mind this message. We're just checking whether or not you are online. Please ignore this, it doesn't mean anything. Go about your regular business, yiffing or whatever you were doing. We won't bother you for another three seconds or so. Thank you." just to really make sure they are online. The proxy will access our online database each time it checks for Owsla to make sure if anything has been changed. Unlike the official Owsla site, our online database is always current, and contains even the secret Owsla that no one is supposed to know about, like Krum, Vlady and Roland Lor'sea. It also contains all the Owsla alts, such as sanctimonious's alt "Entropy Serpent". You will always be within whisper's range of true quality Furcadia help with MoreProxy!

With these features and many many more, MoreProxy is more proxy for your download time!

Available soon, from your local Furcadian Software site!

MoreProxy is developed and produced and copyrighted by Counteractive SanctHard Destructions.