Let's See Some Q & A

Already, some furres have attempted to document the infamous Q & A session that Felorin conducted last night on Furcadia's fourth birthday, but like all non-randomism journalists, they didn't record it as accurately as one might hope. We understand how these things can happen. You're someone who is so popular on Furcadia that you get whispers ever five seconds, and you have to edit them out because they contain content which is... well... And then, suddenly, you find yourself deleting too much stuff, and then you get all confused and you don't know what's going on, and you start banging your head on the keyboard until you finally get fed up and run outside barefoot when the snow is up to your knees and jump up and down shouting "NMIEKROLIESIASTSWEIXNYKKYLOAUSLSISEMREOLCLKSS"

Anyway, you can find at least one documentation of the log that Youlanda the Pillow Lady posted on the new Furcadia Community Forums, under the Furcadia Suggestion Box. But this one and any others you may find are undoubtedly missing some of the questions and answers that occurred, and we at Randomism don't think that it would be fair that the masses miss out on these. So here are some of the ones that we noticed were missing from the documents we saw.

Jhakhm: What's your favorite type of RP?
Felorin: Well, lately I've been trying out that NevrrWintrr RP. That's kinda neat.
Felorin: *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke*
Youlanda: *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke*
Draeven: *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke*
Youlanda: hehehehe

Klass: Is it true that, at the next Q & A, you will charge money for answers to questions?
Felorin: Give me $5, and I'll answer that, Klass. :X)

Youlanda: Um... Will you be wearing your sweatpants at FurCon? ^.^
Felorin: If the weather is chilly enough, I might. _

Talzhemir: When are you going to be done using the video camera I lent you last month?
Felorin: As always, the answer to any "when" question at Dragon's Eye is "We don't know when we'll finish it until the moment it's done."

sanctimonious: I was thinking to code in an active "bowing" feature to Furcadia. What do you think?
Felorin: Well, as long as I don't bow too low while I'm wearing my kimono, I think we'll all be alright with that. :X)

Philantha: Can you do anything to prevent the return of The Oasis?
Felorin: Well, the problem is, if I do something to block The Oasis from existing, then I would have to do a similar thing for Water City, in order to be fair.
Philantha: That's ok with me. :P
Klass: Bah, humbug!

Shadowborn: Will there ever be a feature that will let us boot furres simply by clicking on them?
Felorin: There are no plans for that at this time.
[ Felorin whispers, "Hehe, way to throw them off. They have no idea that already exists. >:X)" to Shadowborn. ]
[ Shadowborn whispers, "Shadowborn grins." to Felorin. ]

Albus: But $100 for lifetime wings? That's a lot!
Felorin: Well, not really. Let's assume you'll live for at least another 60 years. Then it really only costs you about 14 cents per month. That's less than you'd pay for a gumball.

Shorah: Why would anyone want a tickle me Vlady doll? Wouldn't it give kids nightmares?
Felorin: I'm not really sure, but for some reason I'm hungry for cheese.

Youlanda: ZZZzzzzz....
Felorin: *boot*

Sidereal: Ok, even though I wasn't really *at* this Q&A thing, do you think there's any way you can keep Randomism from including me in this parody?
Felorin: Nope, I'm afraid you're on your own there. :X)