Turn Up The Radio

Today on Randomism, we interview... oh come on, you have to be kidding. Is this right? Can someone check into this? This seems like something the Banana would do.


Ok, fine.

Today on Randomism, we interview the sources of the latest rage, the so-called 'radio' bots that have taken Furcadia by storm.

Heh, that's a good one.

Randomism: Hello.
Furcadian Web Radio: Good evening, you're on Furcadian Web Radio!
Randomism: Goody, goody.
Randomism: So, how did Furcadian bot radio become so popular so fast?
97.5 Allegria Radio Bot: Well, we're pretty much in everyone's face all the time, so it's hard to ignore us. Kind of like Entropy Serpent.
Randomism: I see. And how do you go about accomplishing this?
97.5 Allegria Radio Bot: I like to place myself in the busiest part of Allegria Island, so that everyone can hear me, whether they want to or not.
Radio&Phone bot: The best part is when everyone gets pissed off.
97.5 Allegria Radio Bot: hehe! yeah
STFU Radio: OOH! Remember the time we surrounded that one furre, then turned up our volumes so loud that his head exploded?
Furcadian Web Radio: LOL! I remember that!
Radio&Phone bot: It was worth the dry cleaning bill.
The WCTZ bot: Remember when I went into the Sanctuary and broadcast the Circle meeting all over Furcadia? They were so mad!
STFU Radio Bot2: I know! I thought Nikodemus was gonna have a cow! I never saw so much steam coming out of someone's ears.
Furcadian Web Radio: You even made Emerald Flame read the meeting rules over again. We were laughing so hard!
The WCTZ bot: Yeah, it was so much fun. Except when the Circle goons dragged me out of the meeting area, beat me to a bloody pulp, and left me for dead just barely out of the reach of the Help bell. But I can look back on it and laugh now.
Radio&Phone bot: Me too, LOL!
STFU Radio: Haha! That reminds me of when STFU 2 and me broadcast on the help channel. We were all like "help You're listening to STFU Radio. Now STFU and listen!" and they were all like "Kestrel is now your helper" and we were like "STFU!!!" and they were like "You have been booted."
97.5 Allegria Radio Bot: LMAO!
STFU Radio Bot2: We're so cool!
STFU Radio: Yeah buddy!
Furcadian Web Radio: One time I interviewed a dragon, and it breathed on me, and all the pixie crap got sent out through all the transmitting bots around Furcadia, and everyone got dusted. It was killer!
Radio&Phone bot: Dude!
97.5 Allegria Radio Bot: You know what we should do, is go to Water City and The Oasis, and broadcast stuff back and forth between them.
STFU Radio: Why?
97.5 Allegria Radio Bot: Because we're awesome! Duh!
STFU Radio: Oh, ok!
The WCTZ bot: Yay! Let's go!
Furcadian Web Radio: Yay!
97.5 Allegria Radio Bot: Later, Rando-dude!

Broadcast: Um.. hello?
Broadcast: Dude, Randomism. Wake up, man.
Randomism: Huh? What?
Randomism: Oh, hi.
Broadcast: Sorry I'm late. Did I miss the interview?
Randomism: Hm.. I guess you did.
Broadcast: Oh well. I should get back to spamming Allegria. See ya!
Randomism: Ta!

Randomism: I work too hard...