Winter Blunderland

This announcement paid for by Dragon's Nose Productions (no affiliation with the other guys).

Krum: Isn't the pixie dust a dragon's nose production?
Vlady: According to Clawz it is. ;)
Krum: Oh. Then it must be true.

Felorin: Hi I'm Felorin!
Felorin: And this is Talzhemir!
Talzhemir: Hi!
Felorin: We're here with to tell you about this awesome new place to spend your winter vacation!
Talzhemir: Um... I thought we were here to tell everyone to buy their loved ones dragons for Christmas.
Felorin: Oh yeah, that too. Buy them, they're fun! :X)
Elves: Tell them! Tell them!
Felorin: Ok, ok!
Felorin: Are you bored? Wanna have some fun? Then visit the Winter Island of Randomism!
Talzhemir: But wait, there's more!
Felorin: Of course there's more. I'm not done yet!
Talzhemir: I know. _
Elves: What else is there?!
Felorin: Plenty! You can run around and make tracks in the snow, you can give someone a present, and you can sit in Santa Stoinker's lap!

Felorin: And of course, you can play with the elves.
Elves: YAY!
Burma: Elves!! :D
Elves: :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Burma: assmonkeys
Natalie: Munkees. Eheheegh.
Elves: YAY!
Felorin: And now, to officially open the island for the tourists, I will now cut the ceremonial cake.
Talzhemir: Felorin! That's cheese!
Felorin: Hey, I'm the one wearing the kimono here. I THINK I know what I'm doing.

Felorin: HEEYAH!
Elves: NOOOOOO!!!!
[#] BOOOOOOOM!!!!!
-- Connection closed. Please relo-... ew, what's that smell.. oh--

written by the Janitor

Vlady: Well, that was quite mindless. ;)
Krum: Are you sure the janitor isn't a former employee of Soup Dish Times?
Vlady: How should I know? ;)
{S} Xaa shouts: Get back to the meeting, Clawz!
Clawz: doh!
Krum: I should go too. Wanna join FLC Vlady?
Vlady: Hm.. I'll think about it. ;)
Krum: Ok. Later.

Janitor: Well... Back to sniffing glue. If anyone sees Klass, tell him I said "Ta!"