Forget rodent assimilation! The wave of the future is dream randomization. The Randomism Army marched into Water City this afternoon and succeeded in randomizing most of the dream. Reports coming in say that furres are very confused and entertained. Our Water City liason, Klass, is giving us live updates.

Klass: Hello, it's me, Klass. At first, I was very shocked and disappointed and agitated that my fair city could be abused like this, but then I saw all the funny crap and couldn't help but laugh my Klass off, as Burma would say.
Burma: LMKO!!
Klass: Heh. So anyway, I thought I'd go around the city and see how furres are doing with the new look and everything. It's funny, I don't even feel like ejecting anyone right now. It feels great to be Randomized.

Klass: The bar seems to be as popular as ever. Nicklas seems a little more timid than usual.
Nicklas: Hm?
Klass: Are these furres freaking you out, Nick?
Nicklas: Good question, Klass.
Somefurre: Yo! Nick! Another drink!
Nicklas: That's my name, don't wear it out.
Monster Pookie: ROWRRR!!! ME EAT KLASS!
Klass: I'll be leaving now.

Klass: Here we see a happy Water City citizen, just thrilled to be part of this event. How are you, Xodian?
Xodian Nimbus: This is COOL!!!!!!!!!
Klass: It is, isn't it?
Xodian Nimbus: Yah! I could sit here all day!
Klass: So could I, friend... so could I.

Klass: Oh, look what washed up on the dock. A rat.
Vlady: heh ;)
Klass: Enjoying the Water City Randomization, rat?
Vlady nods.
Klass: Well, I don't want to take up too much of your time, so I'll move along.
Vlady grins. ;)
Klass: See you around, Vlady.
Vlady waves.

Klass: Geez, I thought Vlady would never stop yapping. So, anyway, now we come to the church. It seems some cats have gotten themselves into a predicament.
Klass: Are any of you related to Shadowborn?
Cats: HSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Klass: Ok then, moving along quickly...

Klass: Hey! It's Felorin! I never knew you were an innkeeper, Felorin.
Felorin: Well, the job of Master Overlord doesn't pay as well as you might think. And this is the only place I can get paid in kiwis. Yum! :X)
Klass chuckles. "Does Talz know you work here?"
Felorin: Yep. In fact, she's in room 3 waiting for me to finish my shift.
Klass grins.
Felorin: Oh, I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong! We're just going to make origami and read Randomism.
Klass: Of course, how silly of me. ;)
Felorin: Yes, now go eat some pickles.
Klass: I'd rather have cookies. But I don't want to keep you from your work. I'll leave now.
Felorin: Bye! I'm Felorin!

Klass: It seems that the freaky looking furres have already scared Colosseum away. The kiwis in this city are tougher than you might imagine.
Kiwi: Brawk!
Klass: Natalie?
Kiwi: BRAWK!!!!!!!!
Klass runs away.

Klass: Well, that's about it for this report. It seems that furres are really enjoying my new patch a lot. Why don't you come visit Water City and enjoy it too?

Klass: I'm... too sexy for my wings... too sexy for my wings... so sexy, it stings.
Klass: Klass, from Water City, out!

Which dream will be Randomized next? Keep your eyes peeled. It could be YOURS!