Randomism and Furcadia: Working Paw in Paw

We at Randomism like to think that we have an effect on the Furcadian community. Lately, it sure seems like this is the case. Our staff members have noticed many of Furcadia's staff members advertising our website for us. Emerald Flame announced it at the last Circle meeting. Felorin and sanctimonious were also seen giving furres the URL, as well as several of the Owsla. We think this is just great. It makes us want to make fun of them even more. Don't worry, we will. We hope to eventually make fun of every furre in Furcadia. We know this is a tremendous task to take, but we are very willing to take it on.

Anyhow, at this time, we would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Ryhn (aka Roland Lor'sea) on his recent induction into the Owsla. We are sure he deserves it very much. He is a great Furcadia veteran and has always been known as a helpful furre. We wish him the best of luck in his new career.

So now you're all asking what the first two paragraphs have to do with each other. Well, we mentioned Randomism's effects on the Furcadia community. Whether or not we have any effects is meaningless. We believe that we have many effects, and that is all that matters. Hey, nearly 3000 hits since we installed the counter one week ago. You can't argue with that. And if you do, you will somehow end up in one of our posts with your pants down around your ankles and your ass redder than Nikodemus's hair, or something equivalent to that.

Oh look, we just went on a Youlanda-style tangent. Sorry about that. Well, no, we're not sorry, scratch that. Anyway, we were talking about Randomism's effects and Ryhn Lor'sea. If you refer back to "More Proxies" which was posted on 2000.09.08, you would see that the MoreProxy advertisement released a few names of secret Owsla. One of those names was Roland Lor'sea. This of course upset the high-ups at Dragon's Eye, because the names of secret Owsla were supposed to remain, you guessed it, secret. However, they couldn't do anything about it, since Randomism is well above Furcadian law. We can say stuff like "Felorin is stinky" and "Talzhemir has a crush on Kinetic Sage" without any fear of retribution. That's how cool we are.

Now the secret information was out, and Dragon's Eye had no choice but to immediately and publicly name Roland's well-known alt Ryhn as an official Owsla, in the hopes that no one would notice the secretiveness that had been lurking. Too bad, Dragon's Eye. We noticed, and we are taking every step to make sure everyone else notices. You're not getting away with it this time, so sorry.

Anyway, look for Krum and Vlady to be named Owsla in the very near future, since they were the other names revealed in "More Proxies". Of course, this also means that Dragon's Eye will need to hire more secret Owsla to replace these ones. Don't worry, furres, your friends at Randomism are working diligently to discover who these replacements are, so that they too will be named official Owsla, and more secret ones will be hired, and the cycle will continue. Hey, logic says that if we keep doing this, eventually every furre in Furcadia will be an Owsla. Then we would have a true Utopia.

Talk about having an effect on the community.