The Schedule

You might have been wondering why there has been such a long hiatus since the last post. The Head Randomist has had a very busy week, and hasn't had time to approve anything for posting. To show you how busy he has been, we're posting his schedule for the past few days. You can see how busy he has been! Look!

Dec 5

8:00am - Shred documents concerning Randomism's shutdown of Furcadia Weekly.
8:30am - Meeting with head of the Art Team to discuss their strike against Randomism.
9:30am - Hire a gryphon mercenary to deal with the head of the Art Team; Post memo about available position in the Art department.
10:30am - Attend ceremony for two newly selected secret Owsla: Zephyr and Saji.
12:00pm - Lunch with Felorin to discuss delivery of fifty dragons and two hundred pairs of wings in exchange for secret information about Paido.
2:00pm - Meeting with Soup Dish Guy to discuss possible merger between Randomism and Soup Dish Times.
3:00pm - Leave early to attend Anger Management seminar with Klass, Entropy Serpent, NightShade III and Drate, just for kicks.

Dec 6

8:00am - Recount overlord election votes again, for fun.
9:00am - Mail sanctimonious the real source code for VisualDS, with a note that says "LOL I can't believe you fell for that again!"
9:30am - Stare out the window for a while.
11:15am - Read message boards.
12:00pm - Lunch with Soup Dish Guy to discuss final details of merger between Randomism and Soup Dish Times.
1:30pm - Sign contract with Soup Dish Guy; Randomism and Soup Dish Times become officially one website.
1:35pm - Force Soup Dish Guy and all Soup Dish employees into early retirement; Dissolve Soup Dish Times.
2:00pm - Send letter to NiteMyste warning that Clawz is returning to FLC.
2:30pm - Feed pookies.
3:00pm - Obtain court order to prevent Nikodemus from sending any more yiff spam to Randomism HQ.
4:00pm - Attend free Zen lesson from Xaa in exchange for advertising his website and books; Bring along recording of Everything Zen by Bush to jam with.

Dec 7

8:00am - Write the word "Stock" on a sheet of paper; make 500 copies.
9:00am - Run around in circles for an hour.
10:00am - Meeting with Procyon, Rache and Zab of WMI to discuss purchase of 500 shares of Randomism Stock, at $200 per share. When they try to negotiate the price, argue them up to $350 per share.
10:15am - Send Merle pictures of naked mice.
11:00am - Write the meeting log for next month's Circle meeting.
11:30am - Buy more pixie dust from Puff the Magic Dragon
12:00pm - Take a nap and forget to eat lunch.
2:00pm - Meeting with lawyers to discuss lawsuit against Sidereal for possible multiple copyright infringements.
3:30pm - Lead Procyon, Rache and Zab out of the closet they walked into after the morning meeting, and show them to the real exit.
4:00pm - Stop by the Debaters guild on the way home and leave a note for Poncer that says "Youlanda said you're a dummy head!"

Look at all that stuff. No wonder nothing is being posted! It may be a few more days before things settle down here, so stay tuned!