In Appreciation Of Sidereal

Let us give debit where credit is due. There is this furre, a DS-obsessed furre, who belongs to the name of Sidereal. Each week, her memory is cleared and she forgets everyone she met. Ever see the movie "Clean Slate"? Didn't it suck?

Anyhow, despite this memory deficiency, she somehow still manages to run a message board and make a whole bunch of cool dreams. Running the message board itself is a nearly full-time job, what with all the message deletions and banning she is forced to do and all. And in between all this, she still finds time to sit on Allegria and be AFK for hours at a time. What dedication!

Sidereal is an interesting furre. She is kind but EVIL, talkative but AFK, and just outright STRANGE. Although her claws are SHARP, she is not too cruel with them. Even when we directly make fun of her, such as we are now, focusing on her as the subject of an idio-something-or-other... she simply teases us affectionately and smiles.

The message board Sidereal runs is the FurreUhmm, which is now a virtually Chaos-free message board, or so we think... She has always done her best to make the board as fun and interesting as possible, keeping it as the number one message board for Furcadia for a long time, that we know of. For example, she conveniently went missing for a few months, which allowed AOL guys such as Chaos Serpent and Krum to rule the message board, making it a very interesting place to read, and which gave us plenty of material for our own posts. When all that AOL jazz became boring and monotonous, she returned like a savior to go on a mad deleting/banning spree, which gave us even more stuff to write about, such as this post. All in all, it is her unique brand of forum moderation that keeps the FurreUhmm at the top.

When you do, be sure to tie a bookmark to the tail of a puppy. It is fun to watch the puppy chase it in circles.

Read the rest of this site first, you dodo head!

Now it is time for us to go find other hilarious stuff in Furcadia to write about.

DISCLAIMER: Although it has been rumored that Furcadian Randomism contains material that is "funny" and/or/xor/nand/nor/xnor/not "hilarious", we at Furcadian Randomism can't not verify this allegation to not be truthfully false. Any furre who receives any kind of prize from any member of the staff of Randomism, whoever they might be, will "owe us". What Randomism views as a prize may differ from what you view as a prize.

P.S. to Sidereal
We had to work very hard to get this posted. Our writers were really busy throwing darts at a portrait of Maramon, when they suddenly realized they had written nothing to post. They quickly loaded up the FurreUhmm, searching frantically for something to make fun of, when they found your post, front and center. It then took them nearly five minutes to write and post this article, which is a lot of work compared to what they are used to.

So here's the deal. You bring us the head of Vlady (dead or alive), and we'll call it even. What you do with the rest of him is completely up to you. We suggest putting him up in your dream to scare the kiddies for Halloween. You can attach DS to him so that anyone who touches him will experience a client crash. We're sure you know how to do this.