Common Deception

First of all, we would like to make a correction to a previous post, and an apology. It appears our scientists were mistaken when they determined the identity of one of the anonymous furres in the logfile posted on 2000.09.09 (Uhmm... Furre...). The furre that was identified as Talzhemir was actually a furre by the name of Paido. We apologize to Paido and Talzhemir and anyone else whose life might have been destroyed by this mix-up.

Being the great sport that he is, Paido offered us some research he had been conducting. Our new scientists, who replaced the ones who had been "fired", took a look at Paido's research and found it to be rather interesting. With Paido's permission, they took his research and followed up on it with even more research in order to bring you a stunning, however meaningless discovery about a couple of well-known furres.

Here is a summary of the results of this investigation.

Not many pairs of names have been in the Furcadian news together more in the past year than Emerald Flame and Chaos Serpent. It's obvious that they don't like each other, and that either one would be able to live a happier life if the other one didn't exist. What is not as obvious is some of the hidden details of their association with each other. The following is a list of undeniable facts concerning these two individuals, along with opinions by Dr. Paido, in an effort to explain the facts. Dr Paido's comments do not necessarily reflect the views of Randomism. We just provide the supporting facts.

For the research, we refer to Chaos Serpent as his active alt Entropy Serpent. Chaos Serpent was deleted by Talzhemir or something, we're not sure.

"... we can go as far as to say that EM is ES, which can all be worked out with the supporting facts and the following mathematical reasoning" - Dr. Paido

The truth lies in the names. Even the most dimwitted individual (i.e. Rache) would notice that both names start with 'E'. This is an important, however obvious point to make. But it doesn't stop here. It took a little patience, and a lot of trial and error, but Dr. Paido and our staff discovered a startling phenomenon that links their last names (Flame and Serpent) together. We will spare you the excruciating details of the proof, and just quickly summarize it here.

Let 'A' = 'a' = 1
Let 'Z' = 'z' = 26
Assume all letters in between align alphabetically and numerically according to these two endpoints.
Taking the numerical value of each letter, add up the values in each name, separately.
'Flame' = 37
'Serpent' = 97

The meaning of this calculation would most likely evade employees of World's Morons, Inc. Let's take a quick peek at the dictionary.

prime number n: any integer other than 0 or +/-1 that is not divisible without remainder by any other integers except +/-1 and +/- the integer itself
(courtesy Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, Private Library Edition)

"Both of these are prime numbers! ... coincidence?! I think not!" - Dr. Paido

The strong link between these two names can now easily be seen. This is not something that happens every day. There is certainly more to this than anyone wants you to know.

Nicknames play nearly as strong a part as the real names. Now, when say nicknames, we're not referring to nicknames such as "Scriptie Kid" and "Queen_of_the_damned". We're referring to the common nicknames most people use, Em (Emerald Flame) and ES (Entropy Serpent). If you pronounce these nicknames like they are spelled, Em sounds like the letter 'M' and ES sounds like the letter 'S'.

"Is it just a coincidence that they both sound out letters, or that they both begin with the same letter, or that there are several romanian militants pointing m-16s at me? Yes! Er! no! it is no coincidence!" - Dr. Paido

Another thing to point out about these nicknames also has to do with the letters they sound like, specifically S & M. We are still not sure what this means, exactly, but we are pretty sure that it has nothing to do with a Metallica album. Though it might have something to do with Master Socket. Our researchers are currently working on this mystery.

To summarize and conclude:

"Could it be that the master mind behind the Queen_of_the_damned and the Scriptie Kid is a mathematical genius? using his/her amazing cunning and smarts to outwit the population of furcadia? Yes! I rest my case!" - Dr. Paido

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