Close Your Stinking Sockets!

Does this look familiar to you?

If you've tried to upload a dream recently, it probably does. The rumor is, that Felorin and Talzhemir didn't want anyone uploading dreams while they were in Memphis wearing felt cats on their faces. Why not? Well, since you can now upload patches with your dreams, they are afraid that someone will upload dreams containing obscene patches or such, catching innocent children off-guard.

Why can't they let the Owsla handle this? Well, because the Owsla are the prime suspects for uploading these dreams, that's why. They didn't even want to take the chance, so they disabled the dream server completely. They even went as far as to tie up sanctimonious and lock him in the closet for the duration of the trip, so that he wouldn't put the server back online.

So, you better hold on to your dreams for a while. Let Fel and Talz have their fun scaring people with their masks, saying "Howdy" to everyone, and when everyone is ready, we will have our dreams back. Until then, enjoy this little one shot skit.

When Dragons Twink

Sure, dragons are all high and mighty now.. but what happens in a few years, when they all twink out just like the rest of the population of Furcadia. It will happen. You know it will happen. Don't say it won't happen.