Soupy Log

The Head Randomist was making his rounds of Furcadia tonight, when he happened to bump into his old partner, the Soup Dish Guy.

The Head Randomist bumps into the Soup Dish Guy.
Soup Dish Guy: OW!! @%#$!!!

They started talking and reminiscing about old times. Here's how the logfile went. Don't believe any other versions you might see.

The Head Randomist: Well, hello Soup Dish Guy.
Soup Dish Guy: Oh its you.. whatta you want?
THR: Oh, nothing in particular. How's life been treating you?
SDG: Fine wonderful.. hows your crappy website?
THR: Oh, you know.. we're doing alright. Starting to get a little popular.
SDG pours some coffee
SDG: Oh I wasn't listening. Did you say something?
THR: Just mentioning Randomism's little bit of success, you know.
SDG: That site is crap compared to Soup-Dish Times. You should give up now.
SDG: We've brainwashed half of Furcadia already, so soon Randomism will be nothing!
THR: Soup Dish is alright. I had a few laughs at that site.
THR: But our employees really enjoy working for us.
SDG: I run on a staff of only about 5 slaves!
SDG: And produce better things then Randomism!
THR: Are they the same slaves you had when we were working on MisAdventures?
SDG: Yah! But I spray painted them pink and make them work 26 hours a day now!
THR: Wow, that's very harsh.
SDG: They are only felines and equines, who cares?!
THR shakes his head.
SDG drinks his coffee.
THR: Would you mind if I had some coffee?
SDG: NO! It's mine!
THR: Aw, please?
SDG pours a cup of coffee.
THR smiles.
SDG throws the coffee all over Mr. Randomism!
THR: Ahh!
SDG: Take that! Devil!!
THR: That wasn't very nice. Can I have a towel?
THR wipes himself off with his shirt.
THR: There, all better. Now what were we discussing?
SDG: We were talking about that idiotic theory you just posted! How stupid!
SDG: A tilde conspiracy? Yah sure! And Klass has patience!!
THR: Our theory has plenty of evidence. And Stoinker hasn't been seen since it was posted.
SDG: Yah cause I had the Therio Mafia take him out!
SDG: You heard of 'em right?
THR: I don't associate with those crowds.
SDG: Yah right! And Randomism has 30800 hits! Thats so fake! Thats like saying the Circle has more than 10 real members!
THR: We can't help being popular.
SDG: Yah but I was number one on the Top Sites list, even with pictures of Vlady naked!
THR: Youlanda is still mad that she didn't get to see those.
SDG: She can goto hell!
THR: How about that overlord election? Who did you vote for?
SDG: I voted for.. Nitemyste.
THR: Oh?
SDG: What if something happened to Nitemyste, and then Poncer became overlord? Furcadia wold fall apart!
THR: Hypothetically..
SDG: So hows your slaves?
THR: The Art Team is not our slaves. They love their work and get paid very well.
SDG: Sure... That's not what Woolen Socks told me
SDG looks at watch
SDG: Well.. I guess I should go.. I have an appointment with .. some furs.
THR: Yeah... I better go do... some stuff...
SDG: And don't forget! It's better than being a dragon! Felorin said so himself!
SDG poofs
THR: What an interesting fellow...