Side Stripped

There is a new strip club on Furcadia. This one is different than any other strip club you have ever seen, because you have never seen it.

It's called Youlie's Kimono Palace, and it has the highest quality stippers around. The star of all the shows is Sidereal. Her trademark is to strip and then jump into the bed, and stick her toes out to entice her audience. And no one can spin around that red pole like Sidereal!

Here is a preview of Sidereal doing one of her shows. If you like what you see here, then do not hesitate to visit Youlie's Kimono Palace to see her live. You will not regret it!

P.S. She loves it when you throw flowers to her. Just a helpful tip. *wink*

Beware: This is an animated gif, so let it load all the way, freak!

Video provided by the Association of Sidereal Stripping (A.S.S.)