Things to Do to Pass the Time in a Boring Circle Meeting

We know that Circle meetings can get rather long and boring. We present a list of things you can do to make them more fun and interesting, at least for yourself. Try these at your own risk.

Spin in place for the entire meeting.

Throw a bunch of profanity in your description and see if anyone notices.

Use the newly installed "help" command to ask a Helper to help you get out of the meeting.

Sit in the speaker seat, and when you are called on, simply nod and return to your seat. Repeat this every five minutes.

Whisper various furres in the meeting and tell them that certain other furres in the meeting are whispering bad things about them to you.

Move to a different seat every 30 seconds.

When you arrive at the meeting, grab a pillow, sit in the space immediately in front of Emerald Flame (or whoever is presiding over the meeting) and stare at her for the duration of the meeting without saying a word.

Whisper each member of the opposite sex present in the meeting, and ask them if they think you are sexy.

Scream "NiteMyste is coming!!!", run behind someone and lie down.

Say "LOL" every time someone says something.

Whisper each member of the same sex present in the meeting, and ask them if they think you are sexy.

Pick any furre out of the meeting, tape down one of your movement keys so that you are running into them, say "AFK" and go have something to eat.