Tilde End Of Time

Our scientists, in their infinite boredom, have developed a theory that could upset the entire continuity of Furcadia as we know it. Some of the information presented here was first brought to the attention of the chief editor of the Soup Dish Times. He stared at it for a few hours and finally said "Huh?"

The scientist in charge of the project finally got fed up with the working conditions of SDT, and decided to come and work together with our scientists in order to thoroughly develop and test this theory.

What you see here may not be pretty. You may not like it. You may not believe it. But one thing is for certain. Clawz is very strange.

So here's the deal. It was once proposed by a great scientist that, although there are hundreds of furres on Furcadia each day, there are only a few truly unique players, and that most of these furres are alts of one another. This has become known as the Krumbum Theory. While this theory, to us, seems to be rather extreme, we do believe that it has some validity, to a certain extent. Take, for example, the following example.

Talzhemir: Hullo. :)
Shadow Kestrel: Hey Talz!
Karinia: Hullo, Talz.
Princess Ami: Konnichiwa Talzhemir
Sanya: Greetings Talz.
Dark Seraphim: good eve m'lady Talzhemir

Now, it's a well known fact that one single furre does not get that many friendly greetings. According to the Krumbum Theory, at least four of those furres are Talzhemir's alts.

Taking this theory into account, our scientists went to work on a hunch. It started when HollyAnn made a certain post to the UFO page, and then later retracted it, taking Entropy Serpent's ego for a rollercoaster ride. One of our scientists believed there was something more to this than met the eye at the time, and he bet with the others that somehow, someday HollyAnn would slip up and reveal something more.

Then came the Overlord election. Yes, it was supposed to be a quick, quiet process. Nobody anticipated the turmoil that it has caused the Furcadian public. It's been weeks since the election was supposed to be over, and still the results are unclear. But it was because of this unforeseen publicity that our scientists found what they were looking for.

Many believe the election was rigged. But even though many agree that it was rigged, no one can seem to agree *who* rigged it. Some think it was Entropy Serpent himself. Others think Felorin did it in order to cover up his own misdeeds. Still others think that the Circle hired Gotin to do it, since they secretly disagree with many of Felorin's policies. There are many theories.

Throughout all this, the seemingly innocent Stoinker has looked on rather quietly, observing the election results with a relatively stoinky demeanor. Our scientists noticed a certain glint in his eye, something that told them that he should be watched. What they discovered in their observations was not only shocking, but sent chills down their spines.

When all was said and done, the scientists came up with the following theory, which they have named the Stinky Tilde Theory.

Among the furres in Furcadia, walks a secret race of superintelligent beings, whose plan is to take over Furcadia. They plan to take over, not by force, but by the will of the furres themselves. This way, they can properly rub it in everyone's face when they begin their ruthless domination of Furcadia.

To the untrained eye, these beings look and act just like regular furres. To the non-untrained eye, however, their subtle differences are apparent. The most obvious clue to look for is how they sign their names. They always sign their name like ~this~. It didn't take long for our scientists to discover that the possible future Vice Overlord, Stoinker, is one of these beings. And it is believed that HollyAnn is not only also one of them, but she is quite possibly their leader.

If this theory is true, then we are faced with probably one of the biggest conspiracies ever to exist in Furcadia. It's believed that, if Entropy Serpent takes the office of Overlord, then he will mysteriously disappear soon after and Stoinker will take over. And that will be then end of Furcadia as we know it.

But it's only a theory.

Of course, you might want to be cautious of someone with a description like this one, from one of Furcadia's more well-known oxymorons.

Sweet dreams!