Time Out!

This is an open letter from us, Randomism, to you, the readers.

By our calculations, some time tomorrow, or possibly the next day if it's really slow tomorrow, we shall pass 20,000 hits on our site. We are so happy that we could go this long providing the Furcadian public with high quality crap each and every day (except for two particular days we won't mention). Thank you to all the readers who have supported us. Without you, we would have no hits and would think we are a lot uncooler than we think we are now. In appreciation, we will now make the follwing retractions... things that may have been said or hinted by us over the course of this site that may not entirely be true.

NightShade III has not, to our knowledge, called Zephyr a "blooming arse" more than twice.

Sidereal, not sanctimonious, is the true founder and leader of the religion known as Vladism.

Emerald Flame does not support the banning of characters with names of five letters or less.

Felorin has never been stopped by the Owsla for uploading under the influence.

Entropy Serpent would never write a program in Visual Basic, as it would cause him to combust spontaneously, with %'s and &'s and $'s and #'s flying out of his body every which-way.

Klass has never ejected a furre from Water City whose name begins with a [.

A green-haired mustie cannot be created or destroyed, only changed in form.

NiteMyste has, in fact, removed his finger from the '.' key once or twice.

Youlanda and Draeven are no longer married, but it was not Desalon that stole Draeven from Youlanda.

Shadow Kestrel was not give proper credit in last night's post. She was the one who made the witches and devils, and compiled the patch.

And we think that's all we know about at the moment... When we find more, we'll let you know. Again, thank you all for the support and keep tuned for the next episode of Randomism!

Heh.. suckers. Hey, is this computer still on? DOH!! *BEEP*