The Third Bird

We have our staff wander all over Furcadia, looking for something interesting to bring to the attention of the public. One staff member recently visited the guild known as the Third Ostrich (TO). He searched around for the first and second Ostrich, thinking he should visit them in order, but could only find the third, so he cheated. He found that this particular guild has a rather interesting bot run fighting system, so he took a picture and kept a log. However, as you may have noticed, for some reason our staff members have a bad habit of losing logfiles, so he had to rewrite the log from memory. As always, we cannot guarantee accuracy.

[#] SkyBlu has entered the arena.
[#] Danzella has entered the arena.
Triona: Fight between Danzella and SkyBlu begins!
[#] SkyBlu hits Danzella for 3 points.
[#] Danzella smacks SkyBlu for 5 points.
[#] SkyBlu kicks Danzella for 4 points.
[#] Danzella pokes SkyBlu in the eye for 8 points.
[#] SkyBlu sets Danzella's tail on fire for 12 points.
[#] Danzella bitch-slaps SkyBlu for 7 points.
[#] SkyBlu grabs Danzella by the hair and smacks her face into the pole for 13 points.
[#] Danzella yells "Bitch!" and punches SkyBlu in the chest for 11 points.
[#] SkyBlu kicks Danzella in the leg, knocks her down on the ground, jumps on her and scratches at her face for 9 points.
[#] Danzella pushes SkyBlu off of her, gets up, grabs SkyBlu by the arm, throws her into a nearby locker, and slams the door on her repeatedly for 17 points.
[#] SkyBlu screams "Effing Bitch! You're gonna DIE!" and jumps out at Danzella, grabs her shirt and pulls it over her head, spins her around, and kicks her in the ass, causing Danzella to fall into a puddle of mud for 12 points.
[#] Danzella rolls over and reaches out to grab SkyBlu's leg and pulls her into the mud puddle, then proceeds to push her face into the mud yelling "Eat that!" for 10 points.
[#] SkyBlu reaches up and grabs Danzella by the hair and slaps her in the face a few times, then grabs a pawful of mud and shoves it into Danzella's mouth, yelling "No! YOU eat THIS!", then throws Danzella headfirst into a statue for 16 points.
[#] Danzella gets up, turns around, and screeches "Oh, that's IT!!!" and runs over to SkyBlu and does a flying kick into her stomach, knocks her down, jumps on top of her, grabs her by the neck and slams her head into the ground 98 times before she notices Kyender is watching.
[#] Danzella and SkyBlu stand up akwardly and smile innocently at Kyender.