Top Fifteen Signs You Are a Twink

Most furres are aware of the twink problem that has existed in Furcadia as far back as anyone other than ~Pandora~ or Matimeo can remember. The biggest trouble of dealing with twinks is that most twinks don't know they are twinks. So to help out Furcadian society, here are the top signs to determine if you are a twink.

Note: Being a member of Water City or the Circle is such an obvious sign of being a twink, we didn't bother to include those.

15. You are used to seeing "<somefurre> ignores <yourname>" on your screen.

14. Your caps lock is on.

13. Your name consists of more non-letter characters than letters.

12. You are constantly the center of attention.

11. You sound like Nikodemus when you talk.

10. You use a proxy.

9. You have wings and a dragon with the same character.

8. You are a member of the official Furcadia staff (including Owsla, Beekin Council, and Entropy Serpent).

7. You are a bot maker.

6. You are acquainted with Stoinker.

5. You are the rah and/or taneest(a) of a guild.

4. You have been on Furcadia for more than two years.

3. The color of your fur matches the color of your shirt.

2. You use acronyms such as LOL and AFK.

1. You enjoy Furcadian Randomism.