The Adventures of Tybaltius

This poem is in reference to a recent event on Allegria Island. This poem was in absolutely NO way written or approved by Tybaltius or any other furre mentioned in it. Enjoy!

I was wandering the Allegrian Isle
Searching for something to do for a while
When I noticed Nikodemus blocking the Lost Lakes
He had many furres bowing at his feet
And they were all calling him sweet
I thought, "Boy, this mouse really has what it takes."

I've been angry since I was banned
Without my proxy, I'd be canned
My spirit was shredded, chewed up and torn
I asked Niko what he could do
I didn't want to end up like Radu
Quoth the Niko - "complain 2 Shadowborn"

Then Niko claimed to ignore
And this made me very sore
Perhaps he was busy looking at some porn
And Yun Liu was being a bitch
So then I said I would snitch
Quoth the Niko - "complain 2 Shadowborn"

Shadowborn wasn't on at the time
But Jaguarbie was indeed online
So I decided to sound my whisper horn
I said Niko was harassing me
I said "He won't stop! HELP ME!"
Quoth the Jag - "complain 2 Shadowborn"

I didn't know what to do
I could only think of STFU
I decided to take a break and eat some corn
So I said AFK
I've got to go away
Quoth the Niko - "complain 2 Shadowborn"