Secret Logfile from the Furcadia Update Test World

Yes, the Furcadia update is nearly upon us. The highly trained server testers are working diligently as we speak to work out the last of the known bugs, so that we may all enjoy the latest and greatest Furcadia as soon as possible. Recently, we at Furcadian Randomism sent a spy in to see what was going on, and how long it might be before the update is released. Here is what the spy witnessed.

Felorin: DAMN!
Emerald|Flame: What is it?_
Felorin: My coffee got cold. I need to go get more. AFK.
sanctimonious bows: Greetings, lord Nikodemus.
Nikodemus: Yo!
sanctimonious: I'm getting all kind of ICQ messages from people ask me if the update is ready. Did anyone says something?
Emerald|Flame: nope_
Nikodemus: i told a few ppl it *might* be ready today
sanctimonious: who?
Nikodemus: krum and vlady and nightshade...
sanctimonious: lord nightshade is one bugging me most.
Nikodemus: sorry
Emerald|Flame: I'll talk to him_
Emerald|Flame: and Niko_ don't tell Vlady or Krum how to get here_ We don't need them running around finding more bugs_
Nikodemus: ok
Felorin returns.
sanctimonious: how is the coffee taste, lord Felorin?_
Felorin: It's great. Nice and hot. :X)
sanctimonious: ok, what do you think of this invisible bug? Would it be something in the move/refresh procedure that is corrupted?
Felorin: I don't know. This whole thing is giving me a headache.
Felorin: I should just reprogram the entire server.
Nikodemus: hehe
Felorin: Ok, let's try now.
Felorin: Still invisible.
Felorin: Damn damn damn damn.
sanctimonious: did you reinitialize the position variable?
Felorin: Yes.
sanctimonious: hm...
Emerald|Flame: Ok, NightShade won't bother you anymore, hon_
sanctimonious: thank you, mother_
Nikodemus: did u fix that bug that formats your hard drive?
Felorin: No...
sanctimonious: why would we fix that one, lord Nikodemus?_
Felorin: Hopefully, no one will fall into that bug. It's not very likely. I'll get to it in the next update. :X)
Nikodemus: _
Felorin: But this bug is really getting on my nerves.
Nikodemus: vlady sez: I know how to fix it, but since you didn't let me test, I'm not helping.
Emerald|Flame: that crazy mousie_
Felorin: He doesn't know squat.
Felorin: We might as well have Radu testing the server.
Emerald|Flame: I'll have a pillow waiting the next time I see him_
Nikodemus: the pillow that causes the hard drive c.rash?
Emerald|Flame grins: purrhaps_
Nikodemus: hehe_
sanctimonious: this really isn't a major bug. We could just release the update now and work on it later.
Emerald|Flame: nah
Felorin: I don't want furres to be invisible at all. Only Talzhemir, the Owsla and myself should be able to be invisible.
Emerald|Flame: I wouldn't mind spending a few more weeks on here, away from the public_
Nikodemus: hehe
sanctimonious: as always, you are correct lady Emerald_
Felorin: Well, we could keep working on this now, or we can take a break and go to Niko's dream and play with DrBrain. :X)
sanctimonious: let's go play, m'lord. One hour each day is enough to program on Furcadia._
Nikodemus: _
Nikodemus: follow_

And so they left to go play. When will the update be released? Well, to quote sanctimonious, "I don't know anything about any updates. Where have you heard that kind of rumors?" So, keep your fingers crossed, and keep waiting. We might be here a while.