If you're looking for a great vacation spot, look no further than Allegria Island.

Allegria Island has it all. You're never more than one step away from a dream where you can explore, chat with friends, or whatever you like to do in the privacy of a dream.

There are many "hot spots" on Allegria Island, some of which are shown in our poster above. These are some of the most popular places to visit. No matter what your interests, you will always be able to find a place that suits you. We'll outline some of them for you here now, so that you may plan your upcoming vacation accordingly.

At Evelynne, you'll find a wonderfully cheerful place where you can sit with friends and family, and have a drink, or something to eat, or have a dance. Each hour, there is a parade of dragons through the center of the dream. Nikodemus is usually at the head of this parade, but when he can't make it, he will send his apprentice sanctimonious to do the job.

From Evelynne, you can take one of two carriage rides. One ride takes you to PersianKitty Slaves, where you can choose from a top-choice selection of slaves. These are all-purpose slaves you can use to do whatever you need to be done. You can have them point at your dreams to save the humiliation of using an FBM bot. Or you can have them run around NevrrWintrr shouting "Draeven likes Youlanda!!!" The possibilities are endless.

The other carriage takes you to the twin dreams of Ostric-Aumun. Here you can play games and ride rollercoasters all day and all night. This is one of the most entertaining places of Allegria Island, if you're into nudism. Of course, when you enter either of these dreams, you must check your clothes at the gate. The chief of security, Philantha, is always roaming around looking for offenders who dare to cover anything up. "I want to see it ALL!!" she is known for saying.

South of here is "eighanne UnEvolved Wolve", otherwise known as the Freak Factory. This is sort of a zoo/circus place where you can gawk at the weird looking furres that are caged up everywhere. There are regular freak shows, with wolves jumping through fire hoops and that sort. Times for these are posted in the dreams. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see some mating action.

To the east, you can find two big mansions that contain Furcadian museums. One is owned by Crazy Queen Zel and the other is owned by AFKiSlrFirelight. These two used to be married, but after Queen Zel went crazy and tried to stab AFKiSlrFirelight 195 times with a pookie, they decided it would be best to separate. They both had their passions for Furcadian history though, and so both maintain their own museums. The highlight of Crazy Queen Zel's museum is the Tribute to a Pioneer Twink, in which it details the life of the furre known as Dracula. It has logs and pictures of Dracula's Clone armies, the vanquishing of the original Dracula by the evil Felorin, and the return of Neo-Dracula, until boredom seemingly got the best of him. You don't want to miss out on this one. The museum of AFKiSlrFirelight houses the original document of The Proposal for OWSLA written by Felorin, in which he accidently misspelled the word "honor" as "AHAHAHA!! They have no IDEA what they are in for, the FOOLS!!! This is going to be GREAT!! HAHAHAHAHA... oh, look what I wrote! DAMN!" These are definitely worth a visit.

At nights, visit The Yiff Palace. Not much to say about this place that isn't said in the name. This is where you can usually find Vlady hanging out when he isn't at work, and needs to look for some action.

To the way south, you can visit The Description and The Ros. There is really no way to describe The Description. You'll just have to check it out for yourself. At The Ros, you can visit the theater and watch plays. At the moment there is a famous play showing each Friday and Saturday, "Good bye, motherf^&er!", a romantic comedy which stars Lerana and Chaos Serpent as two lovers in a struggle to determine who has better people-skills. It's really a touching story, and we highly recommend it.

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