The Rant of an Anonymous Veteran

Please give the anonymous veteran all the attention and respect a Furcadia veteran deserves.

Hello newbies,

Once again, it is I, the anonymous Furcadia veteran, here to enlighten your juvenile minds with a rant that can be produced only by the experience I have gained through years and years of playing Furcadia. When you read what I have written, keep in mind that I have been on Furcadia much longer than all of you put together, which means you must believe and accept what I have to say.

Once in a while, a veteran of my stature likes to grace Furcadia with their presence, to give all the newbies a glimpse of what they might one day hope to emulate. However, as of late, I am beginning to enjoy my time on Furcadia less and less. It is difficult to pinpoint where this discontent originates, but it is highly likely that it is from several distinct sources. One of these could be the fact that there are never less than eight players on the server at any one time, except perhaps during the few seconds after the server recovers from one of its semiquarter-daily crashes. I find it difficult to press Ctrl-W and see over 600 players online at a time. I miss the good old days when it was just Target and ~Pandora~ and myself, and occasionally Felorin would stop by and say hi. But alas, those days will never return.

The major problem with having so many players online at once is the fact that at least 99.999% of these players are newbie twinks, furres who have only been on Furcadia for less than, say, four years. It seems to me that every time a new player enters Furcadia, the average intelligence of the entire Furcadia society decreases. What this means is that we have dumber and dumber furres entering the world each passing day. This is one of the reasons that I suggested to Felorin very early on that he should put a ten furre limit on the server, and never increase it. He didn't listen to me, of course, and now he pays for it with a game full of brats and freaks. And there are way too many of them to control. Not that he would want to... Felorin himself has been known to act like a twink, even back in the early days of Furcadia, around when I first started. One time, I went to Allegria Island to upload my dream, and when I pressed Ctrl-T, it said "Please wait. Uploading Drive C..." Right after that, Felorin whispered "AHAHAHA LOL GOT U! ROFL!!" to me, and that is when my computer locked up and crashed. And he wonders where the newbies get it from.

This mass twinkness has gone so far that it has led outside the boundaries of the game and on to web pages and message boards. I just heard of this twink newbie jackass named Energy Serpent or something that has been posting flames and crude messages all over Furcadia related boards. I read over some of his messages, and it is obvious the guy only has three words in his vocabulary, and they each have four letters. If he had ever tried the stuff he does back in my day, Strikes and I would have RP'd his ass into the ground so fast he would have only had time to say "%" before he was driven into the ground and buried for eternity. I don't know about these newbies that respond to the messages of twinks like this, but I would never sacrifice my reputation like that. It's newbies like this that make Furcadia such an annoying place to visit sometimes.

Then there are these web sites written by twinks that think they know so much about Furcadia that they have to tell all about it on their "fur site" or whatever they call it. Some of these newbies give themselves character backgrounds and all that other junk, as if they could ever come close to RPing as well as we original Furcadians used to back in the old days. Some other websites go to the other extreme... They are so pitiful and go so completely against what Furcadia was originally about, that it makes me sick to think about them. One example of this is Furcadian Randomism. Sure, they make fun of newbies and twinks and Owsla, which is all well and good. But they go too far when they start to make fun of veterans. Furcadia veterans should be regarded with the highest respect and courtesy. I cannot explain in mere words all the hardships we veterans have had to endure to get where we are today. Randomism has no respect for veterans, and for that I look upon them with shame. Other shameful websites include Edit Furre, which makes fun of my old, dear friend, the walkabout. Furcadia Weekly, which has lousy, twinkish reporting. And Talzhemir's Treasure Trove, which... well, go look at it for yourself, it's quite obvious.

I have much more to say on this topic, regarding things such as today's guilds, Owsla, bots and dragons, but it would take several more paragraphs. I shall continue this discussion soon, but for now I must return to the duties of being a Furcadia veteran. Perhaps I will log on to Furcadia and reclaim Mycroft's...

Until next time,