Election Day

As the moment of decision draws closer, furres all over Furcadia eagerly await the results of the election for Master Overlord of Furcadia. The incumbent, Felorin, has reigned over Furcadia since it was founded four years ago. However, there is some doubt that he will win the election and continue his rule. The other candidates have promised such things as more frequent and less complainable updates, more choices for species, and lower lag rates. The competition is strong, and it looks to be anybody's race. Only time will tell who comes out in the end.

Here we post each candidate's closing statements. After you read them, please take time to go to the polls and cast your vote for Master Overlord of Furcadia.

Running mate: Poncer

Dearest furres.... Each of my opponents promises similar things.... the same things I promise.... You all know what they are.... more updates..... less lag..... we all know what we want.... There is one major difference between my opponents and myself.... I actually CARE about Furcadia..... I care about each and every one of you...... I want what is best for Furcadia because I want what is best for YOU.... the common furres.... the ones who spend each day right down there in dirt and mud with the twinks.... and the Owsla... A vote for me is a vote for peace.... a vote for tranquility..... a vote for shadows.... such beautiful myste and shadows....... *pads off.....//

Running mate: Shorah

Fellow furres, I implore you to look deep into your conscience and do what you know is right. Furcadia is slowly becoming a capatalist nightmare. My opponents all have one common goal, and that is to take from the poor and give to the rich. Felorin supports paying for characters. Do you want to pay to walk around on Furcadia? Furcadia is supposed to be a land of freedom, yet as time goes on, the rulers are sticking their paws deeper into our pockets. What kind of freedom is this? I will not let this happen. Please, when you cast your vote, think deeply about your freedom. This is what I intend to protect.

Running mate: Draeven

Ok, like... first of all, my running mate and I would like to thank you for letting us get this far. But the largest hurdle is still in front of us. *sweatdrops* We hope that you will go out there and vote for us. If we are elected, I promise you that we will make the next four years on Furcadia the most fun and interesting that you can imagine. All the wonderful policies that have made NevrrWintrr such a success will be extended out into the rest of Furcadia. Vote Youlie and Drae! Ja ne!

Entropy Serpent
Running mate: Stoinker

Hey MFs! I put a @#%$ing hack on the voting booth, and I know each and every person that didn't vote for me! If you want to keep your @%#$ing computer in one piece, then you will vote for me. Oh, BTW.. wouldn't it be nice to have a leader who really knows how to @$#%ing program for once?! I am the greatest ASM programmer to ever existed on Furcadia! WTF is wrong with Furcadia today?? It's the programming! How many times today did you got caught in a server crash? A real programmer like me can make Furcadia a _MUCH_ more better place to be! Vote ES today!

Running mate: sanctimonious

Don't mess with a good thing, that's what I always say. These past four years have been the greatest in Furcadia's history, by far. If you re-elect me, I promise you that I can keep this trend in the upward direction. I have many wonderful plans for lag reduction and neater effects. The dragon breath is only the beginning of what I have in store for Furcadia if I can continue serving the public for at least the next four years. I will put more Owsla on the streets and increase funding for the Beekin Helpers. Out of all of the candidates presented to you, I am the only one with real experience. I know what it takes to make Furcadia a great place to be. Please give me the honor of continuing to be your humble servant. Vote Felorin/sanctimonious 2000!