We interrupt our regularly scheduled Randomism, which doesn't exist, in order to bring this live update from the Master Overlord election.

As many already know, there is some controversy to the results of the recent Master Overlord election. Entropy Serpent claimed victory, but Felorin demanded a recount.

Felorin: There is no way that a foul mouthed hacker like him could get so many votes, while a foul mouthed hacker like me gets so few!

sanctimonious: We just want this issue to be resolved in the most fairest way. We are not trying to change the course of the election. We hope everyone can see how important is all of this to Furcadia.

Entropy Serpent referred to Felorin's attempts to alter the outcome of the election as "futile and @%#$ed up"

Entropy Serpent: He's just a sore loser. Everyone knows I'm the most popular furre on Furcadia! That's why I got so many @%#$ing votes. I didn't even had to @%#$ing cheat!

The other parties expressed their opinions as well.

Klass: I'm very disappointed in the vote counters that they could not sense something was wrong. I mean, that many furres don't even read Randomism.

Youlanda: We're all just waiting anxiously to see the results. And, despite the rumor that "a vote for Youlanda is a vote for Entropy" we would like to assure everyone that we did not cost Felorin the election. I think most furres that voted for me would have voted for Entropy if I wasn't running, since we are both pro-choice on the clothing issue. ^.^

Poncer: Why can't everyone just get along? We shoud all be co-overlords, and rule Furcadia together. That would be the best for everyone. Then everyone would be happy.

In the midst of all this, NiteMyste announced that he was withdrawing from the election.

NiteMyste: I cannot keep up with these other candidates..... and their fast talking.... The speeches are hell.... Plus my running mate is being such a fruit.... co-overlords.... It's really embarassing.... Perhaps next time I will be more prepared to run....//

We all wait to see the results of the recount, and see who will lead Furcadia into the new millenium. When new information is given to us, we will alter it as necessary and give it to you. Until then, back to your regular program.

....On the GooblePlex....

sanctimonious: That was a excellent idea, Lord Felorin
sanctimonious: or should I say... Master Overlord Felorin? _
Felorin grins: Yep, who would suspect?
sanctimonious: nobody :)
Felorin: Felorin rigged the election to make Entropy Serpent win?! No way! You're crazy!
sanctimonious: hehe
Felorin: Nobody would believe that, even if Randomism said it.
sanctimonious: But rigging the election for ES made it look like he cheated, so when we cheated, nobody notices! _
Felorin: Right. And now he will be disqualified and we will continue our fearless rule.
sanctimonious: It looks like it will be working.
Felorin: And to think, if we hadn't cheated at all, Youlanda would have won. Imagine Furcadia if that happened.
sanctimonious: You would have to wear beltless kimonos from now on. :)
Felorin: Yep, and I would have probably joined Sidereal's show.
sanctimonious: No offense, but I couldn't watch that. _
Felorin: That's ok. None of that has to happen now, because my scheme has secured my position as Master Overlord.
sanctimonious: You even made NiteMyste to quit.
Felorin: That was not intentional. I can't help it if he's a big baby. :XP
sanctimonious: nobody could _
Felorin: Well, how about we crash the server and blame it on our opponents?
sanctimonious: sounds as a good idea _
Felorin: Will you do the honors, oh running mate of mine?
sanctimonious: With pleasure, m'lord. _
sanctimonious claps!