To bring you up to speed on the neverending Overlord election results:

Today, Felorin proposed that all votes from the Gotin territory in southern Acropolis be disqualified. He claims that the ballots were marked in black ink, rather than the standard blue ink, and should therefore not be counted. This, of course, enraged Entropy Serpent (not to say that anything wouldn't) since the Gotin territory produced such a high number of Entropy Serpent votes. Entropy Serpent had this to say:

Entropy Serpent: @%#$!!!!

Youlanda and Draeven filed a lawsuit against Shorah for leaking vital information to Klass that, they claim, caused them to lose many votes. Shorah, who previously worked for the Youlanda campaign until she had a run-in with Draeven that cost Shorah her job, maintains that she did not do anything wrong.

Shorah: I did not do anything wrong.

According to Draeven, Shorah pledged an oath of secrecy when she was hired. In this oath, she promised not to share any vital information either while working with the campaign, or after leaving, regardless of the circumstances of her departure. The vital information referred to in this oath includes, but is not limited to, Draeven's attraction to Entropy Serpent, Youlanda's love affair with her campaign manager Draxis, and documents confirming that Youlanda hired Clawz for several hit jobs on her opposers.

Meanwhile, with the heat of this election still strong throughout Furcadia, Klass has decided to take a little vacation. Leaving no information as to his whereabouts, Randomism reporters went to work and finally found him at a private resort in the south-western islands off the shores of Water City. One of our more daring reporters actually approached Klass as he lay on the beach. Klass politely took time out of his vacation to give the following statement to Randomism.

Klass: Get the @%#$ away from me, or I'll eject you, sir.

And that's how things stand at the moment. We certainly hope that this election will be resolved soon, because according to Furcadian law, if an Overlord is not chosen by January, then by default, the position goes to the most boring furre on Furcadia, which of course is Krum. Let's not let this happen. Show your support today.