Baby Steps

Baby steps to the Vinca... Baby steps to Allegria... Baby steps to Water City...

Well, the Furcadia update has arrived, and furres are literally prancing around with joy. If you haven't been there yet, you better go now, cause you wouldn't want to miss this for the world. Now, every time you move, you take about 1700 steps to get to the next tile. It's really rather cute.

What is the cause of this phenomenon? Vlady blames sanctimonious. sanctimonious blames Felorin. Felorin blames the jar of pickles on the counter. Whatever the cause, it has made some furres laugh and some furres vomit. As for tippie, well, he feels right at home.

The baby step phenomenon is just one of the many amazing additions to Furcadia in this latest update. You can also see furres' names on their dreams. Well.. actually, you can see them fairly well.. I mean, you can really only barely see a few letters of the name on many of the dreams. For example, Sanctuary looks like 'Slimy' and Water City looks like 'Weird Cat', but it's still a wonderful addition.

Dreammakers! Now you can type `entrytext to set the text greeting for your dream. You can go ahead and lay off the botmaker who was perviously charging you premium rates for this service. Also, you have an extra 1500 lines of DS to work with, so you can make your dreams do even more useless stuff.

And furres with wings have a new command to freak everyone out and give the kids nightmares. Type in `wings to pop your wings in an out, right in front of everyone! You'll be the life of the party. Finally, a use for wings.

There are, of course, many, many more new features in this update. I won't spoil them all for you, go out and find them for yourself. And, just remember what Krum said: "I'm already bored... I need a new update."