Beating of the Minds

All events portrayed here are true unless they are false.

World's Morons Inc. - Main Conference Room - 09:03:32AM

Procyon: Ok, I can't quite remember... do I start with the introduction or with the conclusion?
Daine: I think the conclusion.
Rache: No! The introduction.
Procyon: Hmm... Let's put it to a vote. All those for introduction say "Aye".
Rache: Aye.
Youlanda: Aye.
Baru Kuma: Aye.
Procyon: Ok, that's more than half. I'll start with the introduction.
Procyon: Hello, everyone. Thank you for attending this week's Board of Directors meeting.
Procyon: We have a lot to discuss this week, but let's start with something that we were supposed to discuss last week, before NightShade distracted us with that red laser pointer thingy.
NightShade III pulls out the red laser pointer thingy and shines it on the wall.
Zephyr: Hehe! Look at it!
NightShade III grins and moves it around in circles.
Rache: OMG! It's moving! That's so cool!!
Daine giggles.
Youlanda: Point it on Procy's head!
NightShade III points it on Procy's head.
Procyon grins stupidly.
NightShade III LOLs!
Procyon: Ok! We really have to continue the meeting, or we'll end up in a shaving cream fight just like last time.
NightShade III nods and puts the red laser pointer thingy away.
Daine giggles.
Procyon: Now, we were supposed to vote on something last week, but we never got to it. What was it again, Daine?
Daine: We were voting whether to start funding the Randomist Post Place since Randomism has pulled its funding.
Zephyr: Why do we care about that anyway? I don't even know what a message board is.
Rache: It's a great place to keep up on the activities of our competition, such as E.S. Industries and the HavenGuild Underground Project.
Draeven: Yeah, but most of our employees can't read, and the ones that can don't understand anything on it anyway. Why should we even bother?
Procyon: These are all interesting points, but these are the exact same things we already said last week. We just have to do the vote now.
Procyon: So just say "Aye" or "Nay" for your vote.
Rache: Which one means yes?
Daine: Aye.
Draeven: Nay.
NightShade III: Nay.
Daine: No! Aye!
Draeven: No, it's Nay!
Daine: $#%@ You! It's Aye!
Procyon: Daine is right, it's Aye. I just looked it up.
Daine sticks her tongue out.
Draeven gives Daine the finger.
Procyon: Ok, now do the vote.
Rache: Aye.
NightShade III: Nay.
Daine: Nay.
Zephyr: Aye.
Draeven: Nay.
Youlanda: Aye.
Bara Kuma: Nay.
Procyon: Nay.
Zephyr: Nay.
Procyon: Zephyr, you already said Aye.
Zephyr: Oh, sorry.
Procyon: Ok, either way, the Nays have it.
Procyon crumples up the paper and throws it out the window.
Rache: Wasn't that your paycheck?
Procyon: Oh... damn.
Procyon: Well, I'll go get it later. On to the next order of business.
Procyon: Hm.. I guess I had everything written on the back of my paycheck. Does anyone have anything else to talk about?
Baru Kuma: What's this rumor I heard that Felorin is planning to buy us out?
Youlanda: I heard he was going to turn us into a sweatpants factory. ^.^
Draeven: A sweatdrops factory?! @.@
Youlanda: No.. sweatpants -.-
Felorin appears.
Felorin: Rumors, lies. All of them!
Felorin claps! >:X)