Hi, I just happened to wander onto this website and found absolutely no randomists around. None! But, they seemed to leave the door open, so I decided to write up a quick thingie and post it for you. Where are those randomists? It's been like forever and nothing has been posted. Where are they and what are they doing? Maybe something on this list, eh? Ok bye.

Top Ten Things The Randomists Could Possibly Be Doing, Besides Posting Randomism Articles

10. Fighting lawsuits brought by furres humiliated in the last article.

9. Playing games with Shalianna at the Weary Knight Inn.

8. Composing articles disguised as real news to forward to NiteMyste, so that he has something to put in the next issue of Furcadian Enquirer.

7. Training to become Owsla.

6. Writing a replacement text file for Emerald Flame's "Meeting Rules", so that when she does her copy-paste routine and thinks she is reading the rules at the next Circle meeting, she will actually admit that she not only maintains the Inflatable Banana website, but that she has a crush on Xelholimagog.

5. Searching for the true meaning of "Sidereal".

4. Organizing a protest against the use of the underscore as Furcadia's smiley face, claiming that the underscore is far too important to be discarded, and the smiley face should replace a more useless character, such as "V".

3. Mediating arguments between Entropy Serpent and his three distinct personalities, aptly named "Me", "Myself" and "@%#$ing @%#$!!".

2. Creating the replacement DS editor, which will contain many of the secret DS commands that Felorin doesn't want you to know about, such as "(0:87) When somebody is being a twink," and "(5:124) Spin the triggering furre clockwise # times."

1. Possibly they decided that nothing interesting ever happens in Furcadia anymore, because anyone who does something interesting is immediately shut down by the authorities, and so they went in search of a place where twinks roam freely and without oppression. But, due to laziness, they decided that it was too much work and, instead, went to the bar just down the road, ate a bunch of pretzels, and went hunting for chicks*.

* - In this case, "chicks" refers to baby kiwis.