Seasoned Greetings

The holiday spirit is all over Furcadia these days. Here's some clips from various areas.

The not-too-distant server...

Felorin: Well, Timo, it's that gift giving time of year again. Let's open our gifts early, shall we.
sanctimonious bows: Ok, lord Felorin.
sanctimonious opens his box.
sanctimonious: Hmm... cards
Felorin: Those are business cards with the address of the furre who programmed VisualDS. Now if someone comes up to you agressively with a gripe about it, just give them one of these cards and say "Happy hunting!"
sanctimonious bows: Thank you, lord Felorin. _
Felorin: No problem. :X)
sanctimonious: Now open yours, lord Felorin.
Felorin opens the box, revealing some sort of strange looking object.
Felorin: Ohhh... um.. Wow! It's... um... a thingamadoo!
sanctimonious grins
sanctimonious: It's a chip that gets implanted to your head. With that, you don't need to waste time with clapping anymore. You just think about it and the server will crash. _
Felorin grins evilly: Excellent... >:X)



AerinStar: *poke* *poke*
Draeven: *poke* *poke*
Lucki: *poke* *poke*
Youlanda: Hey! Let's have a real meeting for once. ^.^
Draeven: Oh, ok. I got you a present, Youlie.
Youlanda: Really? ^.^ What?
Draeven pokes Youlanda: Hahahaha!!


Water City...

Klass: Come, dear Senators. Sit on Santa Klass's lap and tell him what you want.


The Third Ostrich...

Philantha: How come you're not in WC, Natalie? :P
Natalie: Ew. Klass is in there doing weird stuff. Kibblebarf. :p
Philantha: Oh. :P
KeeFreak: Go to hell! All of you! Happy Holidays! >:)
Makanshi: Hehe. :P



[#] ...


The canal...

Tybaltius Jr.: I don't know. All I said to Shadowborn was "All I want for Christmas is YOU!" and then the next thing I knew, I was deleted.
Vladimonious: Bwahahaha!
Burma: LMKO!! :))))))))))))))))))))



NiteMyste: I want to wish everyone.... a wonderful holiday season.....
NiteMyste: I regret to announce... I will be leaving FLC..... again....
NiteMyste: It wasn't an easy decision.... But I must follow my destiny..... Even if that destiny seems to be leading me in circles......
NiteMyste: But until I return... I will leave you in the capable paws of our NEW Gold Member..... 'Boomerang' Clawz...
Clawz: Yah!
Krum: Clawz is back already?
Clawz: Yah so?
Krum: What happened? What about Soup Dish Times?
Clawz: Well... it sucked. So there!
Krum: Oh.
NiteMyste: I'm sure Clawz will be a wonderful leader for FLC....
Clawz: I will be on furc for a few days as my secret alt Santa Clawz! No one will Know!
NiteMyste: But don't worry.... I'll be back sooner than you can say "....."
NiteMyste: Farewell... *pads..//


Randomism wishes all its readers the best throughout this year-end holiday frenzy. And if your year doesn't end soon, then... whatever. You're cool too.